Film work

I'm a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker with over 30 years experience. To date, I've made over two dozen films ranging from adventure, wildlife, science, and cultural events and issues.

My films are mostly shown in Europe but redistributed internationally. My current work deals with people working with wildlife; telling stories of people who work to protect wildlife, but are little recognised.


I also film and proxy-direct for other productions, as well as handle local production, research, and logistics.

I give talks and workshops on production; having done workshops at DocFrest in Sheffield UK, workshops in central Queensland, and given talks and workshops in Uzbekistan via the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and UNESCO.

I've received cinematography awards via the Australian Cinematography Society (ACS) and a BANFF Rockie Award for directing "Ted's Evolution".

Please get in touch if you wish a full CV.


Photography has long been part of my life (the photo above was on my 10th birthday, receiving a Canon II, a Leica copy camera). But I've never see photography as a commercial venture; where making films is a collaborative affair (and my source of income) photography is something different, a part of my personal expression.

I've recently returned to photography, focusing on back and white film.


My body of work to date is a mishmash of styles, topics, and experiments. I've had one exhibition and won competitions, but no great focus. I'm now working on individual ideas and developing series and projects.

I use a range of film cameras, from 35mm to 6x6cm, 6x9cm, and 6x17cm, as well as a 4x5inch large format camera.  I still use digital and chose the camera for what it contributes to the idea.