• Lou

Documentary shoot - day 1: On The Cities Rooftops - Bangkok

Yen and I are field producing for Gedeon / ARTE, on a documentary on how city rooftop space is being used around the world.

The film crew from left to right director Xavier, sound-recordist Remy, writer/head researcher Laurent and Polecam operator Jean-Pilippe.

Jean-Pilippe adjusting the Polecam for a sequence on pigeon racing. To the right Laurent with Yen preparing the interview with Dr. Theerapol Techavichian.

Yen with director Xavier and writer Laurent translating an interview.

Director Xavier shooting slow motion Muay Thai (Thai kick-boxing).

Jean-Pilippe filming pigeons and Bangkok's rooftops with a Polecam. We like to tease him and call it his selfi-stick.

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